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In the heart of the Indian Ocean, 500 miles East of Madagascar, lies your perfect tropical gateway, Mauritius. Access to Mauritius is easy as the island is served by regular flights from Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.

History and population

The strategic position of Mauritius on the former “Spice route”, earned it title of “Star and Key of the Indian Ocean”.
The island has been successively colonised by the Arabs, the Dutch, the French and the British.
Today the island is an example to the world. Its population is a true melting pot, which blends Indian, Chinese, African and European lifestyles and traditions.
The legendary Mauritian hospitality and the excellence of the hotel industry have propelled Mauritius to being one of the world’s most sought-after holiday destinations.


English is the official language of the island; however, French and Creole are widely spoken. There are also numerous ethnic dialects.


Mauritius celebrates its Independence Day on the 12th of March every year. Independence was granted in 1968 and the island obtained the status of Republic in 1992, on the same date.
The island’s political infrastructure is based on the British model. Democratic elections conducted every five years appoint 70 members to the National Assembly. The Prime Minister is the Head of the Government and holds the executive power, while the President acts as the Head of State. Mauritius is a proud member of the Commonwealth and of the eminent French-speaking organisations.


Until the 1980’s, agriculture - particularly the cultivation of the sugar cane - was the mainstay of the Mauritian economy. The country has since diversified its economy and can rely today on three other main pillars: textiles, tourism and the financial sector.


The island enjoys a mild tropical climate with temperatures varying from 20 to 32 C°.


The island is linked to Europe, Africa, The Middle East, Asia and Australia, by frequent daily flights operated by many airlines including Air Mauritius, the island’s own international airline.

Simplified entry requirements

It is easy to obtain a tourist visa to Mauritius. It is however recommended to double-check entry requirements with the appropriate embassy, consulate or travel agency.

A safe island

There are strict rules about the importation and exportation of plants, fruits and animals. Strict sanitary regulations are applied and no vaccines are required to enter the country.
The island is free of endemic diseases and poisonous animals. The island also enjoys political stability and press freedom.

Time difference

An ideal geographical location virtually in the centre of the Southern Indian Ocean (GMT +4) reduces the time difference between its main markets.

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